Today’s Schedule for Empire of the Cyclops Con


The Cyclops is so proud of his daughter and that she is now starting to rule the world. She is so excited to get this started and wants to give everyone an overview of what is happening today.

So let’s start with the Twitch schedule for Friday.

Twitch Schedule for Friday, November 5

View them all at the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

11:00 am EST – Empire of Cyclops Con Opening Ceremonies

We kick off our final convention of the year with host Michael Curtis! He runs through some of the highlights of the weekend and welcomes all attendees, new and familiar.

4:30 pm EST – Loot the Body Music Videos – Premiere of Sailing the Starless Sea

Loot the Body is an LA-based musical group that produces psych indie rock inspired by classic sci-fi, fantasy, and D&D. For several years, Loot the Body has been paying musical homage to Appendix N and classic RPG adventures. Their new release Hex Volume 2 drops on 11/5 and Empire of the Cyclops Con will premiere 6 new songs from that album. Plus, Loot the Body now turn their gaze to DCC RPG with a song inspired by one of the most beloved 0-level funnel adventures of all time.

6:00 pm EST – What’s Coming Down the 5E Pike

Join Chris Doyle and a few special guests to get updates on current 5E projects “Coming Down the Pike” and maybe a few surprises!

9:00 pm EST – Goodman Games Charity Auction

Join host and auctioneer Jim Kitchen for an online auction! You’ll find all sorts of one-of-a-kind and special items from the Goodman Vault which you can bid on real-time during the show! Come and bid on some great items and help us raise money for the Franklin Food Bank

Convention Hall Update

EVERYONE is welcome in our online In-Con Experience! Come in and explore the Empire of the Cyclops, visit the dealers and artists in the Citadel of the Cyclops, and hang out with friends at The Inn of the Slumbering Drake! We can’t wait to see you online!

You can join the In-Con Experience right now!

Games With Open Seats

Looking for a last-minute game to play? You’re in luck! Here are some events that you can still squeeze into and play today!

12:00 noon EST – Event 128 – Caves of Refuge (“The Mines of Misery”) (DCC RPG)

In times of danger, the residents of the town of Rolston have sought safety in the caves at the foothills of the refuge mountains. If the townspeople had only kept better records of the town’s founding, they might never have been willing to go into the Caves of Refuge. A DCC funnel – 0 Level.

12:00 pm EST – Event 142 – Mystery of The Green Goo pt 1/2 (DCC RPG)

Your tribe’s greatest warriors have just survived the perils of the dreaded Ghost Ice. Now they must use their newfound Technologies and forgotten magyks to combat a new threat. The Far North has become infected by the mysterious curse of the green goo!

1:00 pm EST – Event 89 – The Three-Wizard Conundrum (DCC RPG)

Three mighty wizards, each with a unique personality and specialization, each seek the mystical ring of Ouur, said to greatly enhance the power of any spell-wielder. Each one offers great riches to the heroes who are willing to bring the ring to him – and only to him. 3rd level pre-gens provided.

3:00 pm EST – Event 135 – The Balance Blade (DCC RPG)

For level 2 characters. The party wizard has been asked by his patron to retrieve a legendary sword of neutrality, known as The Balance Blade, from another plane with the help of said wizard’s companions.

3:00 pm EST – Event 80 – The Trouble in Harwick Haven (DCC RPG)

A DCC Legacy funnel. Strange winds blow over the quiet village of Harwick Haven, peer into the lives of four separate adventuring groups, and see what the fates have in store for them on this day.

4:00 pm EST – Event 138 – Dead in the Water (DCC RPG)

A 0-level funnel for MCC RPG by Tim Snider. Fishing villages along the coast of the Rainbow Sea are in danger! Your group of post-apocalyptic seekers has been tasked with stopping the invasion.

8:00 pm EST – Event 85 – La Puerta de Ishtar

The premier spanish sword and sorcery game is here, with a very rare one-shot, in English!

8:00 pm EST – Event 2 – A Race Against Time (DCC RPG)

Infamy in the city of Red Fern! You’re here to spend your hard-earned loot and to enjoy the city life, but a mad bomber terrorizes the city. Can you unravel the string of clues and bring this criminal to justice?

11:00 pm EST – Event 79 – A Saltwater Cowboy Surprise (DCC RPG)

Pacific Crawl Classics. In this 0 level funnel, a squad of Marines is dropped off on an islet with an airstrip, awaiting the possible arrival of a renegade engineer in the employ of Imperial Japan. Charged with defeating or capturing him, more than a bomber of crack bodyguards await the grunts.

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