Collect All the Prize Stickers At Empire of the Cyclops Con!

The Empire of the Cyclops Con is upon us! Tomorrow the campaign begins to win a kingdom and have some fun—not necessarily in that order.

Did you know we have a live In-Con experience for Empire of the Cyclops Con? It’s an interactive digital community using the Gather.Town platform (which you may know from previous cons), and like previous cons, the world contains a puzzle!

We previously showed you the map of the world and now we’re letting you in on a secret: there are mysteries to be solved. There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have them!

In fact, there are seven—yes, seven—prizes to be found hidden in the Empire of the Cyclops. Some may be digital, some may allow you to order physical stickers that will get shipped to your house, but they are there. Hidden. Waiting to be found.

The hunt starts Friday at noon EST. You can only find the prizes if you are at the con!

Oh, and the In-Con experience is open to EVERYONE! You don’t need an Empire of the Cyclops Con badge to participate! We’ll be posting a link to the In-Con Experience tomorrow! Come inside and see what prizes you can find!

Author: jmcdevitt

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