Last Chance to Pledge for Tales From The Smoking Wyrm!

We’re down to the final hours of the campaign! If you want to visit the Smoking Wyrm for a fourth time, you need to pledge today!

The smash-hit third-part zine is returning with all-new material for a fourth issue, and you can help make it a reality over on Kickstarter. The first three issues of the zine were amazing, and there is little doubt that the fourth will be just as stellar.

This time, however, the Kickstarter is funding more than just the basic zine. The folks over at Blind Visionary Productions have added in a monograph.

The Smoking Wyrm Monograph is their new companion zine. In the Monograph they offer a detailed look at a single thing, focusing on usability.  In this first issue, they offer a complete adventure focused on starting out a troll party the right way! You get a complete adventure for first-level trolls, including unique troll occupations to get you started, and a very folklore-driven storyline to explore. And you’ll find those trolls in the fourth issue of the main zine…

The fourth issue of the Tales from the Smoking Wyrm zine will contain eight features, usable by both players and judges:

  • Trolls—We delve deep into Scandinavian lore to explore the troll folklore and myth. Trolls are so diverse a group that we had to build not one, but three classes to fit them all in! Trolls are fae in nature, and make wonderful PCs for any group!
  • On Luck: Trolls—We a start a new regular series with this issue—On Luck! DCC RPG features a wonderfully unique luck mechanic, and here we delve into ways to hack it, and make it even cooler! This issue we pair this piece with the trolls class, and investigate how trolls might use luck differently than other classes.
  • Familiars—We hinted at them in issue 3, but they are finally here—two new familiar types–elemental motes and jinn!
  • Cullpepper’s Herbal—More herbs for your game!  This time, we feature two herbs—Black Alder and Angelica are all waiting for you to delve into! No adventurer should be without these!
  • Organizations—The beginning of another large series where we explore the concept of organizations in roleplaying in general, and discuss the salient features an organization needs to really be used effectively in any roleplaying game.  To top this article off—we explore three different organizations, breathing some depth into two organizations presented in the DCC RPG and offering up a new one on top of that!
  • Ponteverdian Potted Meat—You’re deep underground, without easy access to the surface and the fresh markets above.  How do you survive? Ponteverdian Potted Meat covers 6 different preserved products, and how they can help prolong your life in the hardest of places to find nourishment! Come join us for a truly delectable discussion about something every character needs—food!
  • Onward Retainer, starring the Legion—The fourth installment of our adventuring comic in an old school style, brought to you by Joel Phillips! The tension mounts in the pages we present in this issue!
  • Wyrm Words—A word puzzle of all the Gygaxian words in the fourth issue—this way, a definition is never in doubt! Also included are the answers to the third issue’s Wyrm Words.

The Kickstarter is fully funded and has hit their second stretch goal. Will they make the third? Not without your help! Head on over to their Kickstarter and help reach not just the next one, but all of those goals! Belly up to the bar! The Smoking Wyrm has opened its doors once again.

Author: pandabrett

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