Support the FOUR current DCC and MCC Kickstarters!

Further proof that you can never have too much of a good thing — it’s a quartet of DCC Compatible Kickstarters!

Even our heads occasionally spin while trying to keep track of all the great Dungeon Crawl Classics related content out there — currently there are four terrific Kickstarter campaigns ongoing for third-party published DCC-compatible supplements and accessories that we’re excited to share with you. All four campaigns are already successfully funded!

First off from Weird Works there’s Tournament of Pigs, the deadly medieval game show with a twist. This boxset comes with a wealth of player aids and the option for more, as well as rules for zero level parties and the introduction of semi-competitive play between players. Tournament of Pigs promises to be as deadly as it is inventive, with all manner of puzzles and tasks beyond the usual dungeon survival — it’s more fun than chasing a greased pig!

Tales From the Smoking Wyrm Issue 4 continues the eclectic tradition of the earlier ‘zines in this series with a tremendous variety of fresh DCC compatible content for use in your games. This time around the creative talents at Blind Visionary Publications have provided all sorts of troll-lore, the low down on organizations, and brand new familiar, herbs — even ration types! But in addition, this Kickstarter also includes For Whom the Bell Trolls — an all new monograph focusing entirely on creating and running a party of trolls!

Not to be outdone, Seekers of the Un-K’Nown: A Classics Mutated Adventure is an old school dungeon romp set in a post-apocalypse like no other. From the mind of Louis Hoefer comes this gonzo mix of homage and tongue-in-cheek parody — does your party dare explore the teched-out secret base of Quartum-Q, and rescue your future mother-in-law while avoiding getting lasered by beings of smart metal? Only one way to find out!

And newest of the bunch is Unleashed Arcana RPG Dice from our friends at Impact! Miniatures. Their DCC Glow Dice are the perfect spectral touch for your custom polyhedrals, and the gunmetal/copper swirled Mage Bullet set adds a d18 and a d22 to the mix, while the campaign itself has plenty of additional 11,14, and even 25 dice add on sets in multiple color choices to fully stock your dice bag all in one go.

A great way to keep tabs on all of the great DCC and MCC Kickstarters out there is to check this page for the latest in funding news and up-to-date announcements about the launch of new DCC compatible campaigns!

Author: billward

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