Only a Few Seats Left for Save Xcrawl Tournament

As of this writing, there are only a dozen slots left open for this year’s DCC Open Tournament! If you are going to help Save Xcrawl, you’ll have to sign up now before all the slots are filled up!

With the Empire threatening to take Xcrawl out of the public sphere and make it a military-only training tool, the nation is in an uproar. Now the Oracle of Key West makes a startling pronouncement: the Gods of Olympus declare that if the Adventurer’s League can put together a crawl that delights all the Children of Cronos approve of, they shall declare the Empire’s ruling void and Xcrawl shall remain the measure of the common man. Will you rise to meet the challenge! 

Save Xcrawl is the 2021 Empire of the Cyclops Con tournament adventure, designed by Terry Olsen, Marc Bruner, Stephen Newton, Marzio Muscedere, and Brendan LaSalle.

Here’s the description from the TableTop Events page:

Announcing the return of the annual DCC Open Tournament, this year featuring Xcrawl Classics! Get ready to enter the area and compete for the coveted title of DCC Open tournament champion with you and your team whose names will be immortalized on the Gong of Doom!

Like prior tournaments, this will be a team tournament for teams of up to 5 players. While players are encouraged to enter as a team, you do not need to be part of a team to register, players will be matched with other players to create teams prior to the tournament.

This is the 1st flight of our annual DCC tournament. This year the tournament will consist of two rounds, with two flights of Round 1 games of five-player teams occurring on Friday and Saturday, with the top team from each flight moving on to the finals in Round 2 held Saturday night. Players are only required to purchase tickets for Round 1.

Sign up today to be a part the 2021 DCC Open Tournament at Empire of the Cyclops Con! The winning team will have their names inscribed upon The Gong of Doom!

Author: jmcdevitt

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