Watch the New Episode of Feeding The Cyclops!

Imagine the courage it must take to confront a Cyclops with spear and sword — now imagine doing so with just a bottle of … Gnomish Ale?!

Our intrepid hosts have once more braved the presence of the hangry cyclops because there is a lot to talk about in Goodman Games news! This week, Susan and Brett have more to say about Empire of the Cyclops Con — including talk of Gather.Town pickup games every Friday until the convention itself! — as well as current and future Kickstarters, nominations for the Goodie Awards, DCC horror and It Consumes, new print runs of some classically brutal funnels, sword-and-sorcery’s own holiday the Day of Might, and the forthcoming Save Xcrawl Tournament at Empire of the Cyclops Con.

All that plus, you know, the menacing presence and rumbling tummy of the Cyclops! It’s going to take more than cookies this time to keep Brett and Susan out of the frying pan…

Be sure to check out past episodes of Feeding the Cyclops for Goodman Games news, as well as practical tips on how to protect yourself from giantoids looking for a snack. And head on over to the Goodman Games YouTube Channel to keep up with all the latest happenings!

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