Buy Popcorn to Support Haven Goodman’s Cub Scout Troop!

We here at Goodman Games of course love our tabletop dramas, but we are also big supporters of real life adventures! And if any of you would like to support the kinds of real life adventures your local Cub Scouts are justly famed for, you’ll want to get your hands on some popcorn and other snacks on offer from the Scouts’ nationwide fundraiser.

Certainly, Joseph’s son Haven Goodman and the Scouts of Pack 7 would appreciate any and all help you might supply them with during this fundraiser season. Here is Haven’s Scout fundraising page, where you can pick from all sorts of flavored popcorn and other tempting treats!

Sure, it’s pricier than the grocery store — but more than 70% of the proceeds go to the Cub Scouts, and help fund more of those real life adventures from which the best memories are made. With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to up the snack quotient at home, and help boost the fun levels for cool Cubs everywhere as we head into the new year. Plus — popcorn!

Author: billward

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