The Skull Declares TODAY is the Day of Might!

Sharpen your blades and hone your daggers — the Day of Might is finally here!

Fans of sword-and-sorcery, heed the Skull’s decree! After sorting through the myriad strange folkways and seemingly-pointless holidays celebrated in the mortal realms, the Skull has reinstated his own day of celebration — the Day of Might. Henceforth, the anniversary of the day in which the Skull first revealed himself to the modern world, October 23rd, will forever be known as the Day of Might — and mighty indeed will be that day, so sayeth the Skull.

No esoteric formulae, fake beards, or roasted bird torsos are required for this day of days, only a proper reverence for sword-and-sorcery fiction! So join with the Skull and his many adherents over the lands to celebrate the genre of mighty thews, flashing swords, and sinister supernatural forces. Bang a gong, light a candle, crack open some two-fisted adventure and reflect on all the many ways in which sword-and-sorcery is the genre that can easily beat up all the other genres, take their lunch money, and spend the proceeds on horns of mead and sacks of uncut wine.

Hey, that sounds like the start of a new tradition!

And be sure to check out the latest edition of the Skull’s premiere magazine of the best new sword-and-sorcery fiction, Tales From the Magician’s Skull:

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