Mark Your Calendar for Harley Stroh’s Attack of the Reavers Event at Empire of the Cyclops Con

Attack of the Reaver Horde!

War horns sound and the earth shakes beneath the tread of a thousand warriors! Lead the legions of the Spawn in battle to reclaim her birthright! Players will take the role of a council of warlords, debating and deciding strategy as they fight to cast off the chains of tyranny, in a persistent war game that plays out over the course of the convention.

Players may jump in and out of the game throughout the weekend; the more reavers that join, the greater the Spawn’s Horde, and we’ll need every ally you can muster. Join Jen Brinkman and Harley Stroh for a live playtest of Harley’s latest DCC homebrew.

When and Where:

This persistent DCC war game will only be held over the course of three sessions during Empire of the Cyclops Con.

Friday, November 5 – 5:00 pm EST – 7:00 pm EST
Saturday, November 6 – 5:00 pm EST – 7:00 pm EST
Sunday, November 7 – 2:00 pm EST – 4:00 pm EST

All sessions will be held inside Gather.Town, our online interactive meeting space. Aspiring warlords should gather at the southwest corner table, in the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

Contact us at with any questions!

In addition to a fantastic array of Dungeon Crawl Classics events, Empire of the Cyclops Con will have a wide variety of events for our attendees to select from, including D&D of all editions and numerous versions of DCC (MCC, XCCDCC Lankhmar, etc.). So be ready to get your game on no matter the rules!

Author: pandabrett

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