Feeding The Cyclops, Episode 2: All About Empire of the Cyclops Con

So far, our brave and resourceful hosts Brett Brooks and Susan Politte have managed to avoid getting gnashed, chomped, and/or devoured by the perennially hungry mono-orbed man-beast affectionately known as THE Cyclops. That’s good news for us (and them too, when you stop to think about it) because that means another episode of Feeding the Cyclops!

In this episode our intrepid hosts talk all things Empire of the Cyclops Con to get you quickly up to speed on the key info you’ll want to know about this three night and two day extravaganza. They’re also issuing fair warning — the Cyclops himself may be lurking for the unwary of Gather Town!

Empire of the Cyclops Con is so stocked with great events, from wall-to-wall DCC and MCC games offering a huge variety of adventures, to D&D 5e versions of perennial classics, and of course the Save Xcrawl Tournament!

But that’s just scratching the surface . . . now it’s time for Brett and Susan to scratch the itch!

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