Live Playthrough of Sunken Temple of Set Today on Twitch!

You’ve seen the preview, perused the PDF sample — perhaps even gotten your hands on the module itself as part of Free RPG Day! So — how about watching it played live by the crew from Twenty Sides to Every Story?

Join Twenty Sides today, at 10 a.m. EST on twitch, for a rollicking delve into this all-new fifth edition module from the dangerous mind of Chris Doyle. If Egyptian-themed partially-flooded cursed ancient temples occupied by a vile host of evil are your thing — as if we have to ask! — then you don’t want to miss this live run through of this Free RPG Day adventure!

Fifth Edition Fantasy: The Sunken Temple of Set

To the east of the village of Mitra’s Fist is a flooded box canyon, the origin of a twisting river through a treacherous ravine. A torrent of water gushes into the canyon and at its base is a monolithic structure from a bygone age. The secluded temple is partially flooded and has been shunned due to a deific curse. But now a host of evil resides in the once sacred edifice which plots to thwart the efforts of good in the region. What is this unholy congregation’s endgame, and how many must suffer under their heel during its profane machinations? 

Is your band of seasoned heroes up to the challenge of exploring the sunken temple? What evil now lurks in those unhallowed halls? But more importantly, what fabulous treasures, both mundane and of eldritch power, could be claimed by defeating this malevolent uprising? 

The Sunken Temple of Set is an all-new 5E adventure module set in the region of the famed Dark Tower (coming soon from Goodman Games). However, that supplement is not needed to enjoy the challenges contained inside! Also included herein are full 5E statistics for numerous new adversaries, several new magic items, and spells.

Pre-generated characters can be downloaded to get to the table fast and start playing right now!

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