Free RPG Day is Tomorrow!

The time is nigh! The next time the sun rises in the United States, it will be Free RPG Day!

This year Goodman Games is releasing both Tomb of the Savage Kings for DCC RPG by Stephen Newton, and Fifth Edition Fantasy: The Sunken Tower of Set for 5E by Chris Doyle (which ties into the classic Dark Tower module). These two adventures are exciting explorations into classic-style dungeon crawling and are brand new material for all fans. And you can grab them for FREE at your closest participating location.

You can find the store nearest you participating in this year’s event over on the Free RPG Day website.

Also, from October 17-23 you will have 10 chances to learn the DCC during Demo week with our own Judge Brendan, Judge Mica, and Judge William. Head over to the Events Page to sign up!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Free RPG Day this year!

Author: jmcdevitt

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