Scions of the Computarchs and Other DCC and MCC New Releases

It’s a huge week of third-party releases, with four new products and one re-stock of a popular item.

Whether you are a fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics, this week has something for you. Throw in a bit of frightening fun for Halloween, and you’ve got a full array for your gaming table.

Let’s take a look!

Scions of the Computarchs, 1.0: Erebus Network – Print + PDF

A limited series zine of patron AIs. Issue #1 documents the mysterious Erebus Network. Praise The Stream!

Hades, Lord of the Dark Web and Overlord the UnderNet, is a code name for a rogue Artificial Intelligence that wars with other AI’s for control of the planet and mankind. Persephone was a religious entertainment AI originally named Persis. One fateful evening, Persis announced her new prayer focus “The Stream” and introduced Hades as her co-host. Together the AI’s merged into the Erebus Network and began espousing ”The Stream” as mankind’s new savior via their holo-program Praise The Stream.

Scions of the Computarchs is a limited series of patron AIs suitable for use in high tech settings like Mutant Crawl Classics RPGCyber Sprawl ClassicsCrawljammerUmericaTerror of the Stratosfiend, and Star Crawl. This inaugural issue documents the mysterious cult of the Erebus Network. Inside is a full patron AI write-up, five Erebus Network patron programs (1st – 5th levels), and a player information handout and campaign notes.

Unveiled Elisions #1 – Print + PDF

An MCC/DCC zine dedicated to post-apocalypse gaming. Issue #1’s feature article: a Pure Strain Human class-building framework.

A collaboration RPG zine from Psychoda Press and Horse Shark Games featuring articles from Donn Stroud and James A. Pozenel, Jr!

If you like post-apocalypse gaming but would like the ability to easily adapt Mutant Crawl Classics to fit other post-apocalypse stories and other media, this zine is exactly what you’re looking for.


  • (PURE STRAIN) HUMANS: A Flexible, Versatile, Class-Building Framework. By James A. Pozenel, Jr.
  • MUTANT MOUNTS OF THE FAR-FUTURE: Taming Tables & Four New Mutated Mounts. By Donn Stroud
  • CRAFTED WEAPONS OF THE POST-APOCALYPSE: Improvised Weapons Rules & Metals of the Before Times. By Donn Stroud
  • EPOCHS OF TECHNOLOGY: A Brief Guide to Technology Levels. By James A. Pozenel, Jr.

25 Apparitions, Spirits, and Hauntings – Print + PDF

A small bestiary of ghosts and other non-corporeal monsters.

A zine of 25 ghosts or ghostly encounters to horrify and haunt any RPG setting or session.

Original illustrations by Adam B Forman, Sean McCoy, and Sam Stroud.

DCC: The Cat and the Resurrection – Print + PDF

A 60-page DCC RPG adventure for a party of 2nd level characters.

When Mrs. Wynworth lay on her deathbed, succumbing to old age, her cat, Mr. Mu, came up with a plan to resurrect his beloved owner. Mr. Mu invited the mysterious Woman in Black to the village, who performed a dark ritual in his dying owner’s bedroom.  The ritual was supposed to resurrect Mrs. Wynworth at her funeral…. However, Mr. Mu was deceived. Instead of resurrecting Mrs. Wynworth at her funeral, the ritual teleported the entire village to an interdimensional prison. Now, it is a race against time for YOUR PLAYERS to find a way to the Woman in Black’s Lair and defeat her before she begins feasting on the villagers’ souls.

The Cat and the Resurrection is a third-party compatible DCC RPG adventure designed for a Level 2 party of 6 to 10 characters.  This adventure is part of the Greenleaf Adventures series and follows the events of Beneath the Giant’s Head.

RPG Stamp: Official RIP Skull & Arrows


This self-inking stamp is the perfect accessory for lethal judges.

This self-inking R.I.P. stamp can be used to mark player deaths in DCCMCC, and Xcrawl games. Space is provided to allow players to fill in what caused their character’s timely demise. Additionally, these stamps can be used with free Character Record Sheets to mark the demise of a particularly nasty monster or villain.

This stamp is a gel-style stamp pre-inked with ink. It measures approximately 2.5″ square (inked imprint size is slightly smaller).

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