Photographs of Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar

We did an unboxing of it last week—which you can now watch over on YouTube—and it is on the eve of its release, but right now you can look at it in all its glory.

Dungeon Crawl Classics Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar Boxed Set is the latest release for the DCC Lankhmar line, bringing tournament-style fun to your own house. The adventure sends characters into the hot cellars beneath Thieves’ House, across the sooty rooftops of the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes, and on to a mad dash through the palace of the Overlord. This boxed set comes with everything you need to run an epic adventure over several sessions, whether you run it stand-alone or as part of an ongoing campaign.

But enough talking about it! Let’s look at those pics!

Author: pandabrett

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