Jen Brinkman Joins Goodman Games as Customer Service and Convention Manager

We are pleased to announce that Jen Brinkman has joined the Goodman Games staff as Customer Service and Convention Manager! Jen will head up the Goodman Games customer service staff and lead our booth and convention presence at physical cons as the con season (hopefully) comes back full in 2022.

Jen Brinkman has been an active part of the DCC RPG community and Road Crew since 2012, and “Judge Jen” joined the DCC editing team for Goodman Games in 2014. She has been involved with more than 60 Goodman Games products (most notably, the DCC Lankhmar and DCC Dying Earth lines) but those who know her best will agree that her true calling lies in promoting the game…and the community. 

Dubbed the “Chief Acolyte” for DCC RPG, Jen has welcomed and converted countless gamers, from the quiet corners of the FLGS to the maddening throngs of the exhibitor hall at Gen Con. As early as 2014, she took it upon herself to ensure that the third-party DCC publishers would be represented at the Goodman Games booth at Gen Con, collecting and hauling in the stock herself, and she’s been part of the dedicated booth crew ever since (even for the dreaded parts that don’t include air conditioning). In 2018, she orchestrated the acquisition of approximately 400 books from the U.K. for the booth’s Appendix N racks, and she managed the fiction inventory in 2019. 

“Being behind the booth comes naturally. I get to sell products I believe in and work with some wonderful people. I am beyond thrilled to be part of the next phase of Goodman Games, to dig into the logistics behind the scenes, and I can’t wait for the fans—old and new—to see what we have in store for future exhibitions.” Jen actively continues her roles in line editing, scouting for old literary gems, and co-hosting the DCC-centric Sanctum Secorum and Spellburn podcasts.

Author: pandabrett

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