Sneak Peek: Kingdoms of Africa and Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #3

Welcome to Sneak Attack Peek! This time out we’re giving you some insight into two recent releases from our online store: Kingdoms of Africa and Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #3.

These PDF previews are meant to give you a taste of the release, absolutely free. And if you like what you see, then you can head over to our online store to grab the full book.

Let’s take a look!

Kingdoms of Africa

Kingdoms of Africa is an expansion of the campaign world presented in the Pax Lexque Campaign Guide. The Pax Lexque campaign world is an alternate reality earth in which the history of our own world is co-mingled with common elements of a fantasy setting. This book may be used in conjunction with the Pax Lexque Campaign Guide or it may stand on its own.

This guide is meant as a sandbox environment. Sixteen nations of the continent of Africa are presented with their geography, lore and culture, providing an environment for characters to explore. Also included are the new character classes, the Felid (a cat-person) and the Shaman, with its fifteen spell-like invocations.

Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #3

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm is a fanzine inspired not just by Dungeon Crawl Classics, but also by the wondrous fanzines of the past 40 years! This issue features: 

  • Dor Nyvs—a new elemental patron
  • Cullpepper’s Herbal—three new fungi to help keep adventurers alive
  • Rites & Rituals, part III—the last in our series on adding rituals to DCC
  • The Tentacular—a new beast to strike terror in the heart of adventurers
  • You too Can Gongfarm—mixing up occupations for all species
  • Tentacular Kin—a throwback all the way to The Dungeoneer #2, brought fresh for a new generation of players!
  • Onward Retainer—a comic in the old school vein
  • Wyrm Words—a word scramble of all the Gygaxian words in the third issue

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