New Wild Dice in the Online Store

You know about weird dice. They’re the backbone of the DCC RPG game system. A series of dice that you scale up and down to build excitement and get the desired effect. It’s the weirdness we love and nurture in every adventure and supplement.

These aren’t those dice.

Today, we want things to go WILD!

WILD Dice Half-Pound Random Assortment

You’re a gaming heathen, a cutthroat, a reaver.

You own dice that would make most gamers tremble in fear. You know the cadence of the Dice Chain by heart and can discern a d16 from a d14 on a starless night. You’ve inked your own d30 and have more variant d4s than a kobold has caltrops.

But what happens when the weird becomes mundane? Cast off the shackles of the Dice Chain and embrace the next generation of Weird Dice!

Colors and contents will vary greatly by bag. Bags will contain a half-pound of dice, including the D9, D11, D13, D15, D17, D18, D19, D22, D26, and D28.

True reavers bend their knees to no law. Go beyond the Weird…and into the Wild!

Author: pandabrett

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