DCC RPG Now Available in French!

Quelle chance! DCC is now in French!

We are pleased to announce that, following last year’s very successful crowdfunding campaign, French publisher Akileos’ hotly-anticipated Edition Français of Dungeon Crawl Classics is now available! Akileos didn’t just stop at producing a beautiful and faithful translation of the DCC Rulebook, however, they’re also très busy producing French language DCC adventures and player aids to give that full DCC experience to our French-speaking fans around the world. C’est magnifique!

You can browse Akileos’ growing catalog of DCC Edition Français on their online store.

Akileos and Dungeon Crawl Classics

Since 2003, Akileos has published comics, movie tie-ins, and art books from artists all over the world – works coming from the fertile minds of their authors, and role-playing games that have helped revolutionize the worlds of imagination. 

Our comics have been inspired by the “pulps” from the early twentieth century, which also fueled the creation of RPGs when these classics were read by Gary Gygax, the co-creator of the first RPG, Dungeons & Dragons.

In the Dungeon Master’s Guide, written in 1979, Gygax included several appendixes, notably Appendix N which lists all these literary influences, from Robert E. Howard to Fritz Leiber and including the likes of Michael Moorcock, Jack Vance, or H.P. Lovecraft.

Dungeon Crawl Classics author, Joseph Goodman has immersed himself in these works to create a game directly influenced by the imagination of these great writers. 

Since its publication in 2012, DCC has been one of the most popular RPGs of the OSR movement that helped revitalize the RPG scene by going back to basics.

We are big fans of this game and its great assets:

  • An all-in-one system. Every player will only ever need one book to play. No rules supplement, no background books, etc.
  • Many original adventures (over thirty) by talented writers like Harley Stroh and Michael Curtis
  • Old-school illustrations by classics artists (Erol Otus, Russ Nicholson, Jeff Easley) or modern ones (Doug Kovacs, Peter Mullen)
  • An original character creation process with the funnel system where every player creates several 0-level characters. Only the rare survivors will reach 1st level to become full-fledged adventurers.
  • Random and dangerous magic (as it should be!)
  • Unique and not generic monsters and magic items. Players will have to confront the unknown.

En Français

Dungeon Crawl Classics est un jeu de rôle «old school» inspiré des anciennes versions de Donjons & Dragons et publié en anglais par Goodman Games en 2012. Depuis sa sortie, ce jeu a rallié les suffrages de nombreux joueurs grâce à son système mélangeant le meilleur du classique et du moderne des jeux de rôle d’héroic fantasy. Mais contrairement à d’autres jeux qui clonent directement les mécaniques des éditions précédentes, DCC s’attache plus à l’esprit qu’à la lettre. Selon les propres mots de Joseph Goodman, éditeur et créateur du jeu : « La philosophie au cœur de DCC est de créer un jeu qui vous permet de vivre les aventures décrites dans l’annexe N. Comme vous le savez peut-être, l’annexe N est la bibliographie des livres de fantasy, science-fiction et horreur qui d’après Gary Gygax, l’ont inspiré quand il a co-créé Donjons & Dragons. »
En résumé, il s’agit de :

– s’inspirer des auteurs classiques : Howard, Lovecraft, Lieber, Tolkien, Vance, Anderson, Zelazny
– les protagonistes sont des aventuriers, pas forcément des héros
– une magie imprévisible donc dangereuse
– un seul livre de règles unique et abordable
– des scénarios plutôt que des suppléments
– un jeu volontairement aléatoire et pas centré sur un « équilibre »
– un style graphique «old school», inspiré des pionniers comme Erol Otus, Dave Trampier, Jeff Dee.

Author: billward

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