Farewell to the Warehouse Yeti

For the past thirteen years, there has been a constant in the Goodman Games family. Someone we could all look up to—and not just because he’s very, very tall.

The time has come for our very own Warehouse Yeti—Keith LaBaw—to retire.

Goodman Games has grown to the point where our order fulfillment exceeds what a small team can do, and we have transitioned the warehouse to a larger professional fulfillment company. For the last year, Keith has overseen that transition, and now he has decided to retire.

At least from shipping orders and managing fulfillment operations. He’ll still be running death races in the desert, fostering canines, role-playing in multiple campaigns, and generally out there acting as a positive force for gaming everywhere. He’ll just be doing it as a yeti in the wild.

Fans, if you’d like to connect with Keith before he goes, you can still email him at keith@goodman-games.com for a few more days. Share your favorite memory of interacting with him, whether it be online or in-person, and wish him well in his post-Goodman Games life!

And from all of us here at Goodman Games, we want to thank Keith for his amazing skills, ingenuity, and most of all, kindness. Keith is a beacon of generosity and compassion, and we are extremely fortunate to have had him as a part of our daily lives.

Yetis aren’t a hoax. They are very real, and they are wonderful. At least those named Keith.

Author: pandabrett

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