Support the New DCC Kickstarter From Studio 9

Studio 9 is back with a pair of new books for DCC RPG that you can support over on Kickstarter!

They’ve already brought you such amazing things as Welcome to Eastwood, A Strange Night at the Pint and Pony, 101 City Encounters, and much more, and now they are doubling down with two great new books for DCC RPG: The Towers of Dr. Xill and The Years Between.

The Towers of Dr. Xill is a new level 2 adventure by C. Aaron Kreeder that is designed for use with either Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics. Here’s the description from the Kickstarter:

Dr. Xillgracone (aka Dr. Xill) was a genius and madman who experimented with the natural order of life on himself and others. Using super-science devices infused with the raw power of fire and ice, he summoned and enslaved elemental creatures to merge with his human subjects.

However, an imbalance of thermal and polar micro-elementals used to control his labs tilted toward the polar side and slowly his menagerie was encased in ice—freezing Dr. Xill’s operations for millennia. Some say he miscalculated, others argue that his mind cracked and he took his own life, while still others insist his final act was precise and calculated—his plan yet to take effect. That is until now

And, as they have done in the past, Studio 9 will be running this adventure at the next Cyclops Con. That’s right! You can play The Towers of Dr. Xill with author C. Aaron Kreeder at Empire of the Cyclops Con this November! But you can only support the Kickstarter NOW!

In addition to the adventure, you also have the chance to support the new DCC RPG supplement, The Years Between. This book provides alternate leveling rules for DCC, giving you a very different means to take your characters to the level needed for the planned adventure.

On top of that, The Years Between includes a slew of new relics and artifacts to add to any campaign. It’s a sourcebook of many functions—which makes it a bit of a magical item in and of itself!

The Kickstarter to support both of these amazing books is now live and funded! Head on over to show your support and help take them to the next level. And take your characters to the next level. It’s part of the campaign!

Author: pandabrett

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