New in the Online Store: The Tome of Debasement and Terror of the Stratosfiend #3

We’ve got a pair of great releases from two popular third-party publishers now waiting in our online store. Dark debasement and terror in the skies await you, including a very shiny cover!

Let’s take a look at this week’s offerings!

The Tome of Debasement Zine

Behold the Inglorious Bottom Feeder, the Lord of Twisted Faces, the Sovereign of the Forgotten, Herlezzect the Debased God!

This DCC RPG compatible zine details the followers of Herlezzect, the Debased God, in the same format as those in the DCC Annual Vol. 1 (from Goodman Games). The zine covers the unique traits, disapproval results, and canticles for evil cultists who pledge themselves to the debased one. The bulk of the zine is taken up by a collection of spells geared for use by the evil clerics in your games, with evocative titles like: Deceiving Visage, Putrescent Bog, Rotting Stench, Halo of Flies, Lash, Twisted Form, Radiant Corruption, and Uncontrollable Urge. You’re probably thinking those would make a great tracklisting for a metal album, and you’d probably be right.

This gaming zine is designed to make your evil priests on your tabletop more sinister and terrifying to face, channeling otherworldly horror and cinematic imagery.

Contents Overview:

  • Herlezzect the Debased God
  • Special Traits
  • Titles
  • Disapproval Chart
  • 3 new Canticle powers
  • 8 new spells
  • 1 new magic item

Terror of the Stratosfiend #3 – Limited Edition Holo-Foil Riso

The Bat God is back AND WRAPPED IN HOLO-FOIL! It’s up to some Demon Hunters, Blood Mechs, Cybernetic Pteranodons!

This book has NEW CLASSES, like 3 of them. The Half-Ogre Demon-Engine which hunts demons. It has Pteranodons with beaks of steel and rockets. It’s got some BLOOD MECHS that have blood coolant.

Also, it has the Cybernetic Satellibat Drones loyal to the Weapons Satellite.

It’s got new spells, like Wait for the Drop which is best described as aggressive portal magic, and Metal Fatigue which fuses armor to bones and flesh… Sounds useful, right?

It has a bunch of new items like bear traps you drop from the sky and wing boards ridden by giants. That’s cool, right?

Oh oh oh, there’s also Enamel-Cortex, the Flesh Architect. The new Orbital Intelligence that’s ready to LITERALLY carve the future of mankind.

There’s a bunch of new bestiary entries, like the 4 wings of the Bat’s Royal navy and like cultists that don wing-suits and leap from the sky.

There are some new occupations too if you want to play a Skulker or Pteranodon. Honestly, there’s a bunch of stuff in here.

This Issue was fantastically Risograph printed at Risolve Studio and wrapped in Transparent Holo-Foil, like a Pokémon card.

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game.

Author: pandabrett

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