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This Massive Four Volume Set Collects the Visual History of Robert E. Howard’s Work

Robert E. Howard’s popular legacy and cultural cache is as much about the electrifying images associated with his fiction as it is with Howard’s two-fisted propulsive prose. The Robert E. Howard Art Chronology currently on Kickstarter tells the story of Howard’s fiction as it has been depicted and translated into visual art from the earliest pulp magazine covers to the present day, in a huge four volume hardback set collecting both the unforgettably iconic works of artists such as Margaret Brundage, Frank Frazetta, and Michael Whelan, as well as never-before-reprinted art and illustrations rescued from archival obscurity and preserved here for a new generation of fans.

Written and compiled by Michael Tierney, author of the Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology, with editorial support from noted Howard scholar Rusty Burke, the Robert E. Howard Art Chronology collects over 5,000 images ranging from magazine and paperback covers to interior and comic book art in four full-color, slipcased, deluxe hardback volumes. But the Chronology isn’t simply an art compilation, it is also the history of Robert E. Howard’s work as it permeates the popular imagination and a look at the visionary artists who lent their own extraordinary talents to bringing the worlds of REH to life.

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