Announcing the Winner of the Dungeon Con Online Adventure Design Contest

For Dungeon Con Online, we were happy to announce a design contest for the best adventure run as a playtest at the show. We had many amazing submissions, but in the end there could only be one winner.

We’re proud to announce that Dylan Duhon won the contest for his adventure, Feeding Time!

Dylan crafted a well-designed adventure, that included a nice map and something we value here at Goodman Games: player feedback. Yes, he included what the players said about the adventure, which went a long way to helping choose his submission as the ultimate winner.

He also included something rather fun with the submission: a soundtrack. Dylan provided a list of music that he felt complimented each encounter and helped emphasize the mood. And we agree with his choices!

A huge congratulations goes out to Dylan and his adventure, Feeding Time, for being the winner of the first-ever Dungeon Con Online design contest!

Author: pandabrett

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