New In The Online Store: Gigantic Two Pound Dice Assortment

Do you want a lot of dice? No, no…a LOT of dice.

Now available in the Goodman Games online store is the brand new massive 2-pound bag of dice. Yes, two full pounds of dice! It’s an amazing way to fill up your dice bag and get all of those weird dice that you love for DCC RPG, like the d5, the d7, the 14, and more.

These randomly selected sets have approximately 150 dice per bag and cost you $100.00, meaning that you pay—let’s see…carry the seven…divide by pi…got it!—about 66¢ per die! That’s a heck of a deal!

These will be a completely random assortment of colors and sizes. You get what you get, with no guarantee of any complete sets or certain colors.

So head on over to our online store and grab your hefty bag of dice right now! Our warehouse employees have been working out, and they want to see if they can move these things without getting hurt!

Author: pandabrett

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