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It’s no easy job working in the print mine. That’s why we’re grateful to have Dieter and Jon, our stalwart print miners, digging in and finding the wealth of items that we bring to you on the Goodman Games online store. It’s dangerous work, too, what with the mighty dragon, Emogoth the Danged, wandering about the corridors and such…

Picks From the Print Mine is Goodman Games’ Twitch show about the latest releases in our online store, reviewing and discussing them so that you can get a better feel for what fits your campaign. It’s a fast-paced, light-hearted look at a bunch of goodies for all. It’s a fantastic way to get the information you want in a fun, entertaining package.

And let’s not forget Emogoth—not that he would let us. In every episode, Emogoth the Danged takes time out to interview one of the creators of a recent release, giving you further insight into how it was made. And we’re sure that at some point he’s going to let the interviewed creator survive.

Watch Picks From the Print Mine over on Twitch when each episode airs, and you can catch up on previous episodes over at the Goodman Games YouTube Channel.

We’ve also gathered up all the products showcased on the various episodes of Picks From the Print Mine in one location so they are easier to find. Just head on over to the Picks From the Print Mine page and give them all a look.

Author: pandabrett

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