Back DCC Dying Earth for the New Adventure by Erol Otus!

With the hugely successful DCC Dying Earth kickstarter just a few days away from completion, we’re pleased to announce that the $250,000 stretch goal has just been unlocked — which means all of our backers will be getting an exclusive adventure from the mind of Erol Otus! Erol should be familiar to everyone from his classic work on Dungeons & Dragons, and of course more recently from his iconic Dungeon Crawl Classics illustrations and these stunning cover images from DCC Dying Earth below.

Being a mega-fan of Jack Vance’s world of the Dying Earth, Erol is a font of knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject. So who then better to pen an adventure in the world of the Dying Earth? Erol’s kickstarter-exclusive DCC Dying Earth adventure will be written and illustrated by him — and if his plot hooks are as wildly imaginative as his artwork, we’d all better hold on tight to our floppy wizard hats!

As with all of DCC Dying Earth‘s kickstarter stretch goals, these amazing extras in the form of more game content, supplements, player aids, and entire new adventures are all included FREE with the standard kickstarter product pledge amount, but only to fans who back the kickstarter. With just a few days left, the time to get these exclusives is rapidly drawing to a close.

Be sure to check out the DCC Dying Earth kickstarter before its all over!

Author: billward

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