Last Call For the Purple Sorcerer Pledge Drive

It’s ‘Talk like Jack Vance Week’ all this week at Goodman Games in honor of DCC Dying Earth! With our kickstarter in its final days, we’re kicking things into linguistic overdrive with a week-long celebration of the stylishly unique language of Jack Vance.


The adherence of your exacting scrutiny to the following matter will be of reciprocal benefit to all parties concerned. The savant Jon Marr, Master Magician, he of the amaranthine hue and rumored porphyrogenitic origins, has made formal appeal to the conclave of gamers and fans to support his ongoing sorcerous machinations through a largesse of fiscal aid.

The many tools, cantraps, sandestins, and applications provided without cost by The Purple Sorcerer range from unseen servants to assist with the rote of record keeping, to powerful generative spells capable of creating demons, characters, dragons, items such as magic scrolls and swords, and even chartings of the vagaries of mercurial magic. The Purple Sorcerer’s FREE application provides the following benefits to those who sorcerously imprint it upon their own device:

  • 0-Level Party Generator
  • Upper Level Character Generator
  • Lankhmar Character Generator
  • Mutant Crawl Classics 0-Level Party Generator
  • The Crawler’s Companion
  • The Sorcerer’s Grimoire
  • Demon Generator
  • Dragon Generator
  • Mercurial Magic Generator
  • Scroll Generator
  • Sword Magic Generator
  • Unique Monster Trait Generator

Master Marr is now devoting all of his energies towards bringing these apparatuses to their full effect, but he cannot succeed without your support. We encourage you to provide the energy—the very wealth upon which things may be built—towards his goal of a more convivial aid for all. Every bit contributed helps, and for everything you bring, he offers the potential for a reward—a prize bequeathed by generous benefactors desirous of The Purple Sorcerer’s further success! You can refer to the items available at his own website.

And if you wish to know more of Master Marr and the mindset that has driven him to these extremes of adherence, we suggest you peruse a previous discussion held with him.

This drive to secure the future of The Purple Sorcerer is not of infinite duration! The time of its waning draws ever-near, and portends the conclusion of his trials. You are the one who holds the power, and the one that can continue to bring such an amazing array of wizardly tools to all who would support Dungeon Crawl Classics.

We only ask that you cogitate on his offer.

What: The Purple Sorcerer Pledge Drive

When: Monday, July 12th – Saturday, July 17th

Author: pandabrett

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