We Want You To Have A Strange Night At The Pint and Pony on the Next 1000 Insane Worlds

It’s ‘Talk like Jack Vance Week’ all this week at Goodman Games in honor of DCC Dying Earth! As our kickstarter approaches its final week we’re kicking things into linguistic overdrive with a week-long celebration of the stylishly unique language of Jack Vance.

Come stave off exsiccation as we journey into 1000 Insane Worlds to visit The Pint and Pony!

Master pishogue C. Aaron Kreader and his compeers at Studio 9 provide a “short” adventure for our travels into 1000 Insane Worlds! This instigative evening of adventure debuted at the union of epigrammatists known as Cyclops Con 2020, and has now jucketed back to the world of binary dwimmercraft with next Thursday’s outing of 1KW.

A Strange Night At The Pint and Pony

Sinister forces emerge at happy hour (hic) in this halfling pub where liquid courage is forging a new crop of adventurers. Join this DCC funnel for new or experienced players looking for a “little” fun!

Scribe your muniments onto the form ‘neath these paragraphs for the opportunity to be one of four randomly chosen participators to jump into this session of mayhem on the days lying ahead. What imprudence and bobbery awaits? It will be no less than a fait accompli that time itself will honor!

And even if you aren’t one of the sanctioned participants, the adventure may be scryed upon the telemetric waves via the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

And you may partake of earlier episodes on our YouTube channel!

“Let fun at the table be the highest law!” ~Judge Brendan 

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