Interview with John Vance to Air on Twitch Sunday Night!

Sanctum Secorum is bringing you an amazing weekend of Jack Vance shows—including one that we haven’t announced until this moment!

On Sunday afternoon on Twitch at 2:00 p.m. EST the crew of Sanctum Secorum will be interviewing John Vance, son of Jack and Norma Vance, about his father’s enduring legacy and the special appeal of Jack Vance’s many worlds of imagination. In addition to John, we’re thrilled to have Koen Vyverman of Spatterlight Press, the Jack Vance specialty press dedicated to preserving and promoting Vance’s fiction for new generations of fans.

And this is happening after Saturday night’s show featuring special guest Judge Julian of Spellburn, as they discuss the Dying Earth, focusing on a reader’s eye view of this masterwork of Appendix N literature. No gaming experience required!

And then on Sunday, come back to join Bob Brinkman and the Keepers of Mystery, with special guests John Vance and Koen Vyverman, at 2:00 pm EST on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel for a special, live edition of Sanctum Secorum honoring the extraordinary life and work of Grandmaster of Science Fiction Jack Vance.

Don’t forget to support the Dying Earth Kickstarter to get a full exploration of The Dying Earth, specifically set up for DCC RPG. It’s an entire campaign set in the world of the faded sun, and fully licensed from the estate of Jack Vance.

Author: pandabrett

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