New In The Online Store: The Damages Pile

Nobody’s perfect. Each and every year, we end up with copies of books and other items that are…a little less than ideal. A scuff here. A mar there. Little things that make the books less than ideal, but still perfectly usable.

In the past, we would gather those items together and sell them at conventions towards the end of each season. With conventions not a part of our plan for 2021, there isn’t that outlet open to us—but we do still have the damaged items.

So why not give you a chance to purchase them online?

Welcome to The Damages Pile. It’s our collection of Goodman Games releases that are a little less than perfect, but definitely something that is still usable. Each item has very minor damages, like shelf wear or distributor returns, and all books are still readable and usable with all pages present—it’s mostly cosmetic damage. And we are offering them to you at a whopping 60% off the retail price.

And we’re talking about books from across all our lines. DCC RPG. MCC RPG. Fifth Edition Fantasy. Original Adventures Reincarnated. And more

There is a very limited number of each item, so move fast while you can still grab them! They will not be around for long!

NOTE: These are damaged items. They will not be in perfect condition. You are buying them sight unseen, and we will not accept returns on them.

Author: pandabrett

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