Stretch Goals Revealed for DCC Dying Earth Kickstarter!

Tons of free additional content for kickstarter supporters

The response to the DCC Dying Earth kickstarter has been tremendous so far, blowing past our initial goal in a matter of minutes and, in a little over a week’s time, expanding to massive proportions like an unlucky nether-digit afflicted with the Spell of the Macroid Toe — yes, it’s that big! And big support like this means, of course, that in addition to all the amazing content already included in the DCC Dying Earth boxset, fans will be showered with tons of extras from our many stretch goals — the more you back DCC Dying Earth, the more unique content we’ll provide for it at no extra cost.

In addition to everything included with your pledge, each tier of our stretch goals unlocks more DCC Dying Earth goodies free for everyone supporting the project through kickstarter. So far our fans have unlocked more spells, curses, patrons, and artifacts. They’ve got an exclusive DCC Dying Earth Judges Screen coming their way, to better hide sneaky dice rolling, and 100 adventure hooks to prime the pumps of imagination. Statistics for NPCs and details on Monster Ecology and Lairs will add even more wild variety and flavor to this amazing setting, and a supplemental art folio will further bring it to life through our visionary DCC artists. Those reluctant Magician’s helpers Sandestins will get their own folio detailing the many advantages and pitfalls of of their use. And, speaking of Magicians, supporters have already unlocked fully-stated out and ready to play Magician’s Manses, as well as Spell Librams — prepopulated booklets of spells that make a great player aid or quest reward. And it wouldn’t be Dying Earth without wizardly objurgations, additional tables of which will now be included. Supporters have even unlocked famous locations, like the demon-haunted repository of all knowledge The Museum of Man, and decadent Kaiin, The White City, home of Kandive the Golden (and numerous other personages of lesser import). And we’ve just crossed the threshold for our first stretch goal adventure, The Great Visp Hunt. That’s a whole additional adventure on top of everything else!

All of these great ways to elevate your DCC Dying Earth gaming are included free just for supporting the kickstarter, and all are available with just your basic pledge. The more fans who pledge their support right now to take advantage of these incredible deals, then the more incredible deals there’ll be!

And there are more amazing stretch goals just waiting to be unlocked. If we climb even higher, then all will be revealed concerning Jangk, planet of those implacable and electrified foes of Earth’s Magicians, the Archveults! And for an extra-strong dose of mysterious ancient technology, the lost city of Ampridatvir is the next that awaits unlocking. If support climbs even higher, there are two more tiers that will contain yet more adventures in DCC Dying Earth.

DCC Dying Earth kickstarter is a long way from over, and there are plenty of stretch goal levels remaining to unlock. So, if more locations and adventures are the sort of things you’d like to see more of, show your support today — otherwise you just might have to wait around until the 21st Aeon to experience the full weird pageantry and awe-inspiring splendor of the last days of the Dying Earth.

For a more in depth look at all of the stretch goals for this amazing kickstarter, join DCC Dying Earth lead designer Marc Brunner, author Julian Bernick, and project lead editor Jen Brinkman for a special show on twitch.

Author: billward

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