Watch DCC Dying Earth Live Play on Twitch Tonight

Tonight is an extravaganza of gaming for fans to enjoy. From The Dying Earth to DCC Day to Erol Otus, we present an evening of entertainment and legends.

As you most likely know, The DCC Dying Earth Kickstarter launches later today. And tonight, live on Twitch at 8:00 p.m. EST, we’ll demonstrate 4 new DCC Dying Earth classes during a partial run of Fathoms Under Witch Isle from the DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack.

This is your chance to sample the Dying Earth and get a preview of the DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack module all in one dynamic show.

What can you expect to see tonight? Good question. Here’s a short answer:

  • The Magician class! See true Vancian “rote” magic in DCC! See force of will, amplification, and new spells!
  • The Wayfarer class! Luck-stealing! Rhetoric die! A new twist on the luck spends and luck checks!
  • The Witch class! Curses, demons, ritual spellburn, and vitality drains!
  • The Vat-Thing class! Artificial humans, vat-thing flaws, martial prowess, and the “invoke creator” feature! Did we mention new spells?
  • And we’ll also feature new gear, the starting animus feature, new “spell provenance”, and the new Vancian Grudge Token mechanic!

And that’s not all. We’ve also got a special cast as our gaming crew. Our Playtesters:

  • Artist preeminent and gaming legend Erol Otus!
  • Editor inestimable and judge extraordinaire Jen Brinkman!
  • Savant and scribe supreme Bob Brinkman!
  • Devilish designer and publisher Clint Bohaty!
  • And judging our game, the one and only Judge Julian!

That’s right! Legendary artist Erol Otus will be one of the players in tonight’s game! We’ve been fortunate enough to have Mr. Otus’ work grace many of the covers of our product, and he, of course, was the cover artist to one of the early editions of the D&D Boxed Set. He’s also done the cover art for some of the DCC Dying Earth adventure modules, debuting tonight on Kickstarter!

Tune in tonight and watch our four valiant players pit themselves against the dangers of The Dying Earth! Join us on Twitch at 8:00 p.m. EST to watch the event LIVE!

Author: pandabrett

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