Road Crew — Rally to Run Events for Gen Con!

What you can do to bring DCC to Gen Con this year

Gen Con has been a bright spot on the Goodman Games calendar since the very beginning and we couldn’t be more pleased to see that it is back this year bigger and better than ever. However, we regret that Goodman Games will not be attending Gen Con 2021 in an official capacity.

BUT! That does not mean there won’t be fantastic Dungeon Crawl Classics and related gaming going on over the course of the convention. The dedicated folks from the Gen Con events team have graciously allowed independent Judges to run Goodman Games events if a sufficient critical mass of DCC game events can be reached. Critical mass — sounds likes the sort of challenge our Judges are always up for!

Some of our stalwart Road Crew regulars are organizing a master list of all the planned DCC events at Gen Con to submit to the Gen Con events team in order to get approval for a DCC presence at the con. We almost have enough events, but we are not quite there yet. This, of course, is where you come in: if you’re interested in running events at Gen Con and want to be part of this crew, email Ed Stanek and make sure to list your event(s) on this google form.

So if you are a Judge attending Gen Con 2021 and looking to fill in one or more of our open events slots, get in touch with Ed and sign up without delay — your game might be the one that puts us over the finishing line and ensures a weekend of DCC gaming for all of our Gen Con fans!

Author: billward

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