Phlogiston Tales Vol. 3 and More DCC Items New In The Online Store

A trio of adventures joins the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics today, as three third-party publishers have released new modules now in our online store.

Spooky is the keyword today, as we venture between a desolate wasteland all the way to that most haunting of all attractions, the carnival. And along the way, we even meet up with some winged monsters that torment a local village.

Let’s look at the details!

The Phlogiston Books Vol. III: The Carnival of Earthly Delights

A 0-level adventure/sandbox/campaign for female player characters.

The people of Upper Coldcutters have been giving in to the blackmail of a group of bandits for some time now. Every year, the village’s men take a load of cold cuts and preserved meats to a meeting point to exchange them for the bandits’ “protection”; from a pig slaughter to the next one, a whole year. But this time, after going to the designated place with their invaluable cargo, the men did not get back home.

Have they been the target of the bandits’ capricious rage? Have they stumbled upon one of the many hazards that dot the Moiran fields? It is, then, up to the village’s women to delve into this mystery and save their people from a bleak future.

This 0-level adventure/sandbox/campaign for female player characters contains:

  • The barony of Moirás, a Rural Fantasy region adjacent to settlements as iconic as Humiliatown, Burgstard, or Shadypass, detailed in its countryside splendor.
  • Dozens of characters and creatures.
  • Dozens of adventure seeds and possible follow-ups.
  • Mechanics, magic objects, and characters from previous The Phlogiston Books volumes and adventures, as an excuse to show a coherent milieu.

A Conspiracy of Ravens

A Conspiracy of Ravens is a 36-page town-based DCC horror adventure for 0-level or 1st level characters.

A sinister blood fog surrounds the quiet town of Meadhan. Dark forms lurk in shadowy depths, innocent children turn into vicious winged beasts, and entranced villagers are being slaughtered on a giant instrument of death.

A Conspiracy of Ravens is a horror adventure town crawl that will challenge the players to use their wits, strength, and everything in between. Will you be able to survive the deceptive encounters and deadly creatures to save your friends and family?

Killian’s Krawls: DS-00 Refugees of the Desolation

Killian’s Krawls: DS-00 Refugees of the Desolation – A Zero-Level Funnel Adventure.

The Illucid Valley was once the most beautiful and fertile valley on the continent. Nestled within the protection of the Felhold Mountains, it was a haven from harsh weather and enemy attack. In a loud, thunderous flash, the valley was blown apart and laid to waste by an unknown source of extreme power.

Now, weeks later, the food and water supply in your town has dried up and your only option is to flee the valley. Unfortunately, you will have to face the harsh climate and nightmarish creatures of the desolation to reach your goal. Will you become a victim of the desolation?

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