A Preview of DCC Day Releases!

DCC Day is less than two weeks away!

Our second DCC Day is happening on June 26th, and it’s a day where we celebrate Dungeon Crawl Classics, the stores that bring you the game, and most importantly, all the fans. And one of the most exciting things about the day are the all-new releases that accompany it.

This year we’ve got two new products that you’ll be able to find at the participating FLGS near you! And, to help get you primed for the books, we’ve got previews of each of them for you to grab today.

DCC Day 2021 Adventure Pack will be available for FREE on DCC Day, and will contain three new adventures: “Temple Siege” for DCC by Julian Bernick, “Fathoms Beneath Witch Isle” for DCC Dying Earth by Marc Bruner, and “The Neverwhen Rock” for MCC by Bob Brinkman.

DCC Day #2: Beneath the Well of Brass is a brand-new adventure by Harley Stroh, available for $10 on DCC Day.

So grab your previews, make your plans, and we’ll see you on June 26th at your local store for DCC Day 2021!

Author: pandabrett

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