Watch Blades Against Bandwidth: Lankhmar Tonight on Twitch!

Dare you venture into a mysterious city without equal in all the realms of Nehwon? The Blades Against Bandwidth crew are back with more Lankhmarian roguery tonight on Goodman Games official Twitch channel. They somehow managed to scratch their names out of Death’s book last time, but what will be their next move?

TODAY at 5:00 PM EST on Twitch join Judge Brendan and the Blades Against Bandwidth crew as they pit their wits against the City of Sevenscore Thousand and One Smokes. But things never remain at rest for very long in the mean streets that Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser call home, and what sort of miracles and perils await our own roguesome Blades?

Will Qa’a ever break the curse of the Red God? Can Gangabatar’s luck hold? Who the heck is that regular, normal guy that comes everywhere with them? Where does all of Mara’s money go? And how does Kai Hala keep dragging snacks out of her little bag?

In a world full of mystery and peril, the above speculations seem most pressing indeed!

TODAY at 5:00 PM EST, don’t miss it.

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