New Players Welcome for DCC Day Online!

Welcome New DCC Players! This is the place to start…

DCC Day Online is a celebration of all things Dungeon Crawl Classics — and we want to make sure everyone can join in the celebration, from seasoned fans to brand new, first-time players. Throughout this one-day explosion of DCC gaming and events, we have an entire New DCC Players Welcome track devoted to open games that make for a quick, fun introductory experience that will get new players up to speed in no time.

So if you are new to DCC, check out our New DCC Players Welcome track and sign up for a game helmed by one of our experienced Judges who love to show new players the ropes! And all of the games in our New DCC Players Welcome track are free! After buying a Convention Badge for $2, new players can sign up for any of our introductory games at no additional cost.

How to Find Open Games in the New DCC Players Welcome Track

Over at the TableTop Events page for DCC Day Online you will be able to sign up for DCC Day Online and peruse the schedule of the days events. ‘Buy Badges’ will let you buy a Con Badge that will be your sign-up for the entire convention. Once you have that (a $2.00 purchase), ‘Buy Tickets’ will take you to the day’s events schedule, where you can get a Ticket for each event you want to attend. Tickets for the New DCC Players Welcome track are free.

On the schedule page, you will see all of the day’s events, their times, and the number of seats still available. You can also display any of the various convention tracks for each event, even displaying only the events in a specific track. At the bottom of the page, there is a section called Columns To Show where you can toggle what information columns you display in the events list, so you can search the schedule by time, game system, recommended ages, etc. You can also display the New DCC Players Welcome track by selecting Track, the very last button.

Just click ‘Track’ and the column will automatically display on the schedule

Now you will see a new column in the main schedule of events that includes many events designated as New DCC Players Welcome — these are the perfect games to join to get an introduction to the Dungeon Crawl Classics system!

Free and easy! And once you’ve signed up you’re all set for one of our expert Judges to show you the ins-and-outs of Dungeon Crawl Classics. We’re sure you’ll love our game, and we look forward to seeing you at DCC Day Online!

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