New Shared Dice-Rolling App for Online RPG Games!

Do you ever want to roll some dice online, but hate doing it by yourself? Well, do we have a great solution for you!

Roll Funky Dice is the new online app that lets you create a room to share where you can “roll” dice and let everyone see the results. The results show up right there in front of everyone! Well, everyone in your room…

The site uses all the dice from DCC RPG and lets players participate together and share their results online. Roll Funky Dice joins up with the classic app The Crawler’s Companion as amazingly useful tools to help you with your DCC/MCC game.

So let’s get some dice on! Visit Roll Funky Dice and see how you can roll with the party, from a d2 up to a d100!

Author: jmcdevitt

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