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Nick Baran is the lead designer for Breaker Press Games, who have published releases like Rabid Dogs Zine, Wide-Eyed Terror Zine, and Precipice of Corruption. And it’s that last book that we especially want to pay attention to right now, because his latest project steps in to expand on it greatly.

The Stennard Courier is the new Kickstarter that fleshes out the city of Stennard, the setting for Precipice of Corruption, in an installment-style publication.

Here’s a description straight from the Kickstarter:

Stennard stands at a crossroad between law and chaos. Will you be the force of good bringing health and prosperity to this beleaguered town? Or will your actions result in the town’s ultimate dissolution?  

The Stennard Courier Vol. I is the first in a series of zines designed to flesh out Stennard, the town referenced in The Precipice of Corruption adventure module. The first issue details the central buildings of the town, the NPCs that populate them, and the information, attitudes, and affiliations that they hold dear. The zine is full of interesting characters, rumor tables, and adventure hooks. The zine is an homage to The Village of Hommlet, the classic AD&D module written by the late Gary Gygax, and was the blueprint for the “home base” mini sandbox for players to play in. 

Each issue will expand upon the setting, filling up the town to have a full cast of NPCs and provide a setting for your DCC RPG campaign. The first issue alone features eight buildings and the NPCs that go with them, and includes a regional map to help establish your campaign world.

So head on over to Kickstarter today and become a part of this third-party release! The town of Stennard is waiting for you to join its population!

Author: pandabrett

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