DCC Legacy Continues!

DCC Legacy dares to ask the question — how many con games can your humble gong farmer survive? Did they barely live through the funnel with one hit point left? Win the day with a ridiculously lucky roll that had the whole table agog? Or maybe they just have a really cool name? It would be a shame not to keep using them!

DCC Legacy, a simple optional system for continuing one-shot and convention characters, provides an easy-to-use system of log sheets and defined XP values for extant adventures, allowing you to transfer characters from one participating judge’s game to another. It’s only been out for a few months, but already it’s making a difference in the way people play public events and con games.

The time is now to find out just how many adventures can your convention character can survive. DCC Legacy allows you to “jump tables” throughout the year. That’s right — the stakes just got higher.

Here’s the PDF with all of the guidelines for you, letting your character evolve from table to table. Download it right now!

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Author: billward

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