Announcing the Colosseum of Champions

Step right up, Adventurer! The Grand Colosseum has brought in some never-before-seen monstrosities! Impress the audience to earn inspiration. Complete special goals to win a short rest between matches. And avoid the colosseum traps!

We are happy to announce the Colosseum of Champions at Dungeon Con Online!

This is an official Goodman Games’ playtest for the upcoming Dungeon Denizens: 500 Monsters for 5E—and just for playing in this game, you will get a special thanks in the book! The DMs are Goodman Games designers and they want to put the designs through the paces—and guess who gets to be the test subject! Not only will you get a chance to play with new creatures and monsters from an upcoming release, but there will also be prizes!

There are three events happening in the Colosseum:

Saturday, May 29

Sunday, May 30

And what exactly is Dungeon Denizens you may ask? Is nothing less than our upcoming book of beasties designed and executed for Dungeons and Dragons 5E. 300 monsters are culled from almost 20 years of Goodman Games products, updated to the modern version of the world’s most popular role-playing game. Another 200+ monsters are brand new, never-before-published creatures, ready to be unleashed on your unsuspecting players. This collection contains not just inhabitants of dank, twisting underground passages, but includes foul beasts that hide in the dark boughs of the forest, hardy creatures that wander the windswept dunes of the sandy wastes, piscine behemoths that plunge into the watery depths of the ocean, and strange outsiders that traipse through planar worlds, just to name a few.

Dungeon Denizens includes:

  • An assortment of aberrations including the abollar, the nagalisk and the pool lurker
  • A crowd of constructs including new golems and animated objects, plus the flawless effigy and the bronze reaper
  • A horde of humanoids, including the degenerate sih’hel, the savage serpentine tzopiloani, and the carapace-clad klaklin. Many entries include variant leaders and spellcasters ready to challenge your players with cunning tactics or thoughtful interaction
  • A multitude of monstrosities such as the conflagration worm, and the trollhound
  • A frenzy of fiends, such as the fetch demon and the inferno cat, as well as demon lords including Malotoch and Bobugbubilz, plus their faithful servants
  • A barrage of beasts, many suitable as familiars, animal companions, or druidic wildshape options
  • A plethora of plant and plant-like creatures, such as bloodthorn vine and the grove king hellthorn

So sign up today to be a part of The Colosseum of Champions at Dungeon Con Online! It’s a great way to test out monsters that you’ve never seen before—and we hope your PCs survive the experience…or do we?

Author: pandabrett

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