Event Submission Open for DCC Day Online!

Judges, Sign Up for DCC Day Online, Saturday, June 26!

This is our second annual DCC Day, and it will be an even bigger big-deal than last time! A huge part of that will be our DCC Day Online Con, a celebration of all things DCC and a way to bring the game you love to an even wider audience. Judges, that’s where you come in!


Out in the non-virtual world, DCC Day is an outreach to local clubs, communities, and gaming stores. It’s a one-day event to encourage public gaming and offer unique products to all participants. You can learn more about it by reading up on our DCC Day Lineup.

But there will also be an Online Virtual Con corresponding with our store outreach, a one day event full of gaming, for both DCC novices and seasoned vets! And, true to the spirit of DCC Day, our Online Con will be heavily focused on introducing new players to the Dungeon Crawl Classics experience.

DCC For New and Experienced Players

DCC Day Online will be very new player friendly, offering a track for beginning players consisting of games specifically geared for them. That’s why we are looking for Judges to run events for brand new players. These events should be based on published adventure modules, level 0 or level 1, and run at a pace and style that’s appropriate for new players who may have questions.

Of course, there will also be plenty of game sessions aimed at experienced players, and we have no doubt our community of amazing Judges will be pushing the envelope in virtual adventuring for DCC Day Online!

In fact, since this is a one-day Con, we encourage all of our Judges to run two games — one for new players, and one for veteran DCCers.

Remember, too, to squeeze in some time on Saturday, June 26 to visit your participating FLGS for some excellent DCC freebies.

Author: billward

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