Join Us Today For Crypt of the Science Wizard on 1000 Insane Worlds

We have a very special episode of 1000 Insane Worlds airing today!

Can anyone survive the technohorror nightmare that is the Crypt of the Science-Wizard? Today on 1000 Insane Worlds we begin featuring 3rd Party DCC creators with the mighty Skeeter Green. Crypt of the Science-Wizard combines elements of both the DCC and MCC rulesets, giving you an opportunity to play that elf, dwarf, or wizard right next to your favorite mutant, shaman, or sentinel! Mix that magic with some science, and get your “70’s sci-fi paperback book cover” game going!

Here’s the description of the adventure:

In a time-lost desert near an uncanny oasis, you finally find it — the lost crypt of Kersete. Was he an undead wizard or a robe-clad artificial intelligence? The rumors were not specific, and you weren’t paying attention that closely anyway. All you heard was that there were fabulous treasures to be had if one could only navigate the tricks and traps of his tomb. Sure, no one who ever sought his tomb has returned to tell the tale, but they didn’t have your level of grit, guile, and greed.

So tune in today at 3:00 p.m. EST to watch the adventure over on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

And be sure to check out the archive of earlier episodes on our YouTube channel!

“Let fun at the table be the highest law!” ~Judge Brendan 

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