Launching Soon: The Shelf File of Holding

Disorganized gamer shelves will soon be a thing of the past as the hotly anticipated Shelf File of Holding Kickstarter is nearly ready to launch! Yes, we too have grown frustrated with sprawling collections, overly messy shelves, and dangerously leaning towers of hardback books. So, for the sake of both our sanity and safety we developed The Dungeon Shelfie. Chaos begone!

This custom-printed shelf file is designed for holding adventure modules, hardcover RPG books, and small boxed sets. All four exterior panels feature awesome new hand-painted art by Doug Kovacs!

A few weeks ago, you fans sent in names for this new creation. You sent so many terrific suggestions that we couldn’t make a decision! Once the Kickstarter launches, we will announce plans for backers to vote on their favorite name. For now, we’re calling it The Shelf File of Holding, a.k.a. The Dungeon Shelfie. But that alias may change with your input!

With the Kickstarter campaign right around the corner, be sure to follow the Kickstarter page to stay informed. You can sign up for the pre-launch at the link below!

Author: billward

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