Dungeons of Yesteryear: From Peter Mullen

Welcome back to Dungeons of Yesteryear!

When you were a kid, did you have a binder full of D&D maps that you drew yourself? And ruled paper with dungeon keys, that in retrospect may not adhere to any sensible rules of dungeon ecology?

Yeah, you weren’t the only one. Us, too.

In Dungeons of Yesteryear, we open up our own notebooks and show you some of OUR old dungeons. We’re hoping they conjure up as many good memories for you as they do for us. Let’s compare notes on dungeon keys, encounter choice, and, of course, whether that demon lord just hangs out in area 2-2 waiting until adventurers wander by for a light snack.

This time around it’s artist Peter Mullen who shares his youthful days of joy. And even at a young age, you can see his future—his scribbles back then are better than what most of us do today! (THOSE MAPS!)

Peter claims that he found his “faded, yellowed, and indecipherable” old files and shared them with us, and we’re passing them along to you. He also informs us that he didn’t run a lot of games, but he was the primary mapper and stenographer/note keeper. He has also included “some examples of the dumb cartoons of our elves.”

However he wants to describe it, we’re thrilled to present them to you now. Let’s take a look!

Do YOU have a Dungeon of Yesteryear that you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to see it. Please send it to us at info@goodman-games.com. Perhaps your trip down memory lane will take you right into a Dungeon of Yesteryear.

Author: pandabrett

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