We Want Dungeon Masters to Run Games for Dungeon Con Online!


Every Dungeon needs a Master, so we’re putting out the call for DMs to submit their events for Dungeon Con Online. Dungeon Con is the online convention co-sponsored by Goodman Games and Dungeon Masters Guild that brings the excitement of the world’s first fantasy role-playing game to you over the course of four days!

We have a very flexible schedule, to allow our event runners to pick the times best suited to them. All times are available except for noon-1 pm EST and 6-7 pm EST each day, which we have reserved for visiting our Dealers Hall and Artists Alley in the citadel, so this should allow for more flexibility in scheduling. Find the Dungeon Con Online schedule for gaming here!

We will also have some rooms available in our Citadel for hosting your events, so if you would like to use our location for hosting, let us know when you submit the event.

And how about those Dungeon Master perks? Once again running events will count towards getting your Con badge! If you submit at least 2 events, you’ll be able to purchase a badge to the convention for $10 off, 3 events will get you $15 off, and 4 or more events will get your badge free. And if you run any events, you get to sign up for events early on April 25.

The convention is not centered around the Goodman Games 5E publications—all publishers are welcome! There will be a dealers hall and artist alley, as well. This convention is open to all game systems, but the focus will be D&D.

Join us on May 28-31 for a long weekend of games, seminars, streaming, and more. There will be D&D games for new players and experienced players alike, run by DMs like you. Sign up today!

Dungeon Masters, event registration is now open!

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