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It’s only been a little over a year since Goodman Games went from having nothing airing on Twitch to weekly shows, special events, and even online conventions broadcast using their service.

And your support has been tremendous! You tune in to watch our Judge’s torment entertain players, express our opinions and wisdom, and even debate which modules are the best ever published. Still, we know you want to have the ability to express yourself in ways that reflect your DCC-centric opinion as you watch.

Maybe you need to tell Judge Brendan that his performance as the monster tormenting players is top-notch? Or let our own Dark Master see your joy during his next seminar?

We’re here to help! We’ve got some great Twitch Emotes available for subscribers! All you have to do is subscribe to get the unique emotes added to your repertoire.

Right now our emotes army is small, but the more subscribers we get the more emotes we can unleash upon the world! So what are you waiting for! Subscribe to the Goodman Games Twitch Channel to not only gain your emotes, but all the other benefits of a subscription, like: BADGES, SPECIAL ALERTS, EXCLUSIVE CHAT ROOMS, EXCLUSIVE COMPETITIONS, and AD-FREE VIEWING!

So head on over to The Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel and subscribe today to get those benefits!

Emotes For Our Twitch Fans

Official Badges For Our Twitch Fans

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