Players Can Now RSVP For Select Games on the Events Page

Over the last year or so we’ve made great strides in putting together virtual gaming opportunities for fans of Dungeon Crawl and Mutant Crawl Classics RPGs. Sometimes that’s about using new software, other times it’s about streamlining and perfecting the process that connects players and Judges and gets everyone gaming with less hassle. To that end, we are pleased to announce that players can now RSVP for select games on our Events Page!

So how does it work?

Well, for players it couldn’t be simpler. You may have already seen or used RSVP options before for one of our Demo Nights or other big events — now you’ll be seeing the option for many other virtual gaming sessions as well. Simply click the link to whatever event you are interested in (that isn’t already full!), and provide your name and email and wait until our Judge can get in contact with you.

For Judges: any Judge looking for players for a Goodman Games adventure can now use the RSVP feature straight from our Events Page.

First, create your event on our Events Page as you normally would. But now, in the description box on the first line, you will need to write in text indicating that this event is meant as an RSVP event, AND your email address, AND the limit on the number of players for that event (see the screenshot below for an example). Simply by putting ‘RSVP’ in the description box, you are telling our clever little Event Gremlins to toggle the RSVP switch. Then, a couple of days before your event is to take place, we’ll email you the list of players and their contact information so you can coordinate the details.

And don’t worry Judges, we will pull your email address before your event goes live on the calendar. You won’t be broadcasting your email out into the world, we’ll handle getting your player’s contact info and passing it to you.

That’s it! You’ve got an event ready for reservation!

Roughly 1-2 days before your event is slated to go live, we will email you a list of the RSVP’d players and their email addresses, so you can reach out to them and set up play over Zoom, Discord, or whatever other platform you choose.

Judges, this is a great, no-nonsense way to find more players interested in your games – and players this will make finding and booking games through our website easier than ever! Bookmark the Events Page and be sure to check back once judges have started submitting games!

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