This Week on Twitch – March 29 – April 4

No fooling, we’re heading into the first of April this week, and we’ve got some great shows planned for you to enjoy!

This week’s trio of programming keeps the gaming spirit alive and rolls into a new month of fun.

And don’t forget you can catch up on all our shows over on the Goodman Games YouTube channel as well!

Let’s check out the full schedule of all our Twitch shows for this week!

Schedule for the week of March 29

3:00 pm EST, Thursday, April 1

1000 Insane Worlds

Host and Guests: Brendan LaSalle and Friends

Rosin your bow and pull on your moc boots! This week 1,000 Insane Worlds takes you deep into fantasy Appalachia for there to climb Shudder Mountain!

Something’s gotten into the women-folk of the Shud, and the menfolk may not live to sing the tale! Get ready for a wild ride through yet another of the 1,000 Insane Worlds!

Tune in Thursday at 3:00 pm EST to be a part of the adventure! 

10:00 pm EST, Saturday, April 3

Danger Strangers!

Host and Guests: The Defenders of Kobold

The Defenders of Kobold are playing a new level-1 Umerica adventure written and created by Gilbert Isla, editor and writer of Umerica.

Defenders of Kobold present Danger Stranger! A live play-through show airing every-other Saturday at 10:00 pm EST.

Hop in the van adventurer! IF YOU DARE!

5:00 pm EST, Sunday, April 4

Blades Against Bandwidth: Lankhmar

Host and Guests: Judge Brendan and cohorts

This week on Blades Against Bandwidth: Lankhmar: the gang has survived their first heist! Now it’s time for the honored tradition¬†of the City of Seven Score Thousand Smokes: fencing the goods! But nothing is ever as easy or as straightforward as it should be, and trust comes at the point of a dagger.

Don’t miss this week’s exciting second part of Masks of Lankhmar!¬†

Be sure to check out all of those great events! And don’t forget to visit all of our recent streams on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel!

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