Last Few Days for Crypt of the Devil Lich!

An ancient prophecy sends your heroes into the crypt of the Devil Lich. They must destroy her, before she can return to power. Once inside, your heroes face horrors that could only be dreamt of by a mad half-drow half-fiend lich!

There are only a handful of days remaining to get in on this massively successful Kickstarter. Crypt of the Devil Lich was originally crafted as a Gen Con tournament and has been called the most vicious dungeon since the legendary Tomb of Horrors.

That sort of thing must be the happy place for a lot of us gamers, because Crypt of the Devil Lich has not only blown past its initial goal, it’s currently racking up stretch goals with a vengeance! So now, not only do you have the option of variant hardback covers or deluxe editions of this adventure to choose from, but you’ll get a ton of stretch goal extras.

So far we’ve unlocked goodies like more than 40 (!) player handouts, including pre-printed character sheets for our pregen characters plus additional pregen characters above our initial offering, each with their own sheet. In fact, these are part of an entire player handout folio! For the swag bag there will be stickers and an “I Got Wasted by the Devil Lich” poster. The hardcover itself has power-leveled into a formidable beast — featuring not one but two integrated bookmarks, additional pages of design notes, custom endsheet art, and foil-printing for the title.

We’re fast closing in on even more stretch goals! Next to unlock will be an entirely new section of the module for both DCC and 5E rulesets. The Lost Level of the Crypt of the Devil Lich will be a newly created level made in the design-style of the original, capturing the feel of multiple designers coordinated by a master dungeon architect.

But why stop there? With only a few days left, we’ve still got amazing unlocks like new rules and spells that will allow players to use the Devil Lich herself as a patron, and a Kickstarter exclusive hardcover slipcase featuring brand new art. Let’s make it happen!

We are also offering a limited print run virgin art edition of the hardcover. Sanjulian’s cover design is amazing, as is Erol Otus’s original cover to the 3.5 edition. The virgin art edition features only the art on the covers. This style of presentation has proven very popular with our convention modules in the past, but can only be printed in a limited quantity because it lacks any retailer marks (price, bar code, or SKU) and trade dress. 

Sanjulian’s ‘Virgin’ Cover

Perhaps the most cherished dungeon crawl ever published by Goodman GamesCrypt of the Devil Lich has been completely updated and converted to new rules sets. The Kickstarter has been a huge success, and the adventure is ready for your table: are your players ready for the devil lich?

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